Best Bitcoin Wallet and Ethereum Wallet Challenge Illegal Fishing Practices

Ethereum Wallet: Transparency and Proof of Fish

Blockchain technologies have advanced to allow for transparency in many industries. Markets all over the world were once black boxes. They have now become open-source transparent systems which allows full verification of information, all thanks to cyptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Legal and Illegal Fish Identification

Use a smartphone's bitcoin or ethereum wallet app to scan fish
Use a smartphone’s bitcoin or ethereum wallet app to scan fish

Using the blockchain, people will be able to discover if a fish was caught legally or not. By recording all fish on the digital online blockchain, every single fish in the world can be tracked. This technology has allowed a huge leap forward in preventing individuals and groups from breaking the rules of fishing. The seafood industry has been infamous for its abuse in human rights. With the best Bitcoin wallet, we can prevent abuses and enforce rules in the future. Perhaps the most innovative invention of this century will help to better the lives of everyone in the fishing network. From the Blockchain, we can see a record of every single fish which was caught. From that information, it can be determined if the parties involved have cheated the rules or followed regulations. It is also publicly available to see where the fish was processed. Finally, the bitcoin blockchain can record exactly when and where the fish was sold. In the future, this information will become a standard to be held. All fishermen must report all of their logs to the network so that we can play fair.

Consumers will choose based on the information presented on the Ethereum network whether to purchase a product or not. Since all information is public, the public viewers can scrutinize and analyse the data and make the best consumption decision. Essentially, the entire supply and demand chain will be open to the world.

“Building in mechanisms to deliver transparency from net to plate is central to eradicating illegal, unsustainable fishing and the human rights abuses that have plagued parts of the seafood production sector,” as quoted by Steve Trent, who is an executive director with the Environmental Justice Foundation (also known as the EJF).

All consumers need to do is bring their smartphones with them and scan the QR codes presented in the fishery products. Every time a fish is caught, the fishermen will record information on the identity of the fish. The processors will do the same, and so on. All the seafood you eat will be shown and recorded forever! The current method of labels will be outdated as they do not serve the same level of trust and transparency required by the industry.

Applications in Finance Industry

If you think that Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet is only good for fishing, then research again. Sectors in finance, property, and food are just small potential applications of digital currency’s growing blockchain. Japanese banks have started too adopt Ripple, also known as XRP. In additition, Ethereum has become an essential currency to start other currencies. Thus, the price is rising.

Best Bitcoin Wallet: Keep your eye on the fish

Sometimes, all you want to do is go out for a fishing trip. Best of all, it’s a Bitcoin Ethereum fishing journey.

Quite frankly, scalability is the largest problem with recording every single fish on the internet. The problem is very possible to solve however. There are already a number of good potential solutions to reducing the size of the bitcoin blockchain. For one, pruning the data and compressing it every n blocks is a good way to conserve storage data. Furthermore, gigabytes of data are getting cheaper every year. The new technologies involving solid state drives are making disks faster, not larger. However, hard disk space continue to improve in supply. As a result, the amount of space available on the internet has reached an unprecedented level. We can store more information now than ever. Scalability is hardly a problem in the future with Ethereum, even though blocks are coming every ten seconds.

But what about ethereum wallet and regulatory barriers? It would certainly be strange if every fishing company simply gave up and decided to give up their privacy. The matter is that the consumers need to pressure large companies to give up their data so that we can publicly verify everything that they’re doing. This is why digital currency allows the public to hold the industries responsible and accountable for their actions. This can be then coupled with law enforcement, allowing for a safe and clean fishing industry.

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