Best Bitcoin Wallet and Ethereum Wallet Challenge Illegal Fishing Practices

Ethereum Wallet: Transparency and Proof of Fish

Blockchain technologies have advanced to allow for transparency in many industries. Markets all over the world were once black boxes. They have now become open-source transparent systems which allows full verification of information, all thanks to cyptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Legal and Illegal Fish Identification

Banking Bass

Before Buck Perry pioneered structure fishing, most bass anglers were stuck on the bank, or at least on obvious, visible cover. Perry’s teachings dramatically changed the way we fish.

These days many bass anglers place a heavy emphasis on structure fishing. They rely on contour maps, depthfinders and even Loran and GPS navigation systems to …

Fall Walleyes are for Men

This is the time folks for the men to take the river and catch some nice walleyes. It is not for the weekend warrior that goes out three times a year. It can be cold, wet, uncomfortable at times yet rewarding. It is the best opportunity to catch a trophy fish and to stalk schools …